The Story

At an early age I wondered, “Who am I?, “Where did I come from?”, “What is my purpose in life”, and “Why am I here?” I also considered the truths about broader questions of life, i.e. society, cultures, history, racism, religion, philosophy, God and Christ. Throughout my life I traveled down a road with the help of God and Christ which revealed these truths. It is a road that no one else has ever traveled or at least survived. I now realize that this road I traveled down, my life was my destiny.

In 1988 I completed a drawing of the experiences I actually went through in 1990. At that time I had no idea of what was going on. I also was unwilling to believe and accept the occurrences that were happening at that time, as actually being possible. In short I was tested by the spiritual underworld through mind, body, and spirit. If I had not been prepared, I would not have been here to speak to you today.

In the year 1990 the “Prince of Darkness” (Satan) attempted to deceive me with the aid of a medium (witch- there is no such thing as a good witch), near the completion of my destiny in seeking the truth (God, “The Father of Truth”). After the completion of my tests, God answered my question of, Who am I? In this writing I'll try to give a brief understanding of what I am saying, but I am more concerned about you than myself.

In February of 1990 I met a lady who was a medium. I did not realize it at that time and never had encountered things such as mediums, evil spirits, demons, readers, psychics, etc. Eventually, I realized she was as medium by placing different information together that I had found, through different encounters and reading material. I discovered she was sent by Satan to turn me off my path (destiny), and deceive me with which I found to be “New Age.”

New Age is Satan's way of deceiving the masses.

The medium I encountered used the tools of Satan (astrology, horoscopes, physic readers, crystals, new age books, temptations, witchcraft, seances, other mediums, deception, etc). I simply used some of Satan's tools, reversed the process, acquired a great deal of information, which helped me through my experience. My advice to you is, leave it alone.

In the month of July, 1990, after departing from the medium, I became under attack by evil spirits, demons, and Satan himself. The attacks were spiritual, mental and physical. The first spiritual attack was early on a Monday morning, approximately 2:55 A.M. to 3:55 A.M. I was attacked by three spiritual demons apparently trying to take my soul, while I slept.

Spiritually, I was suspended in a place of total darkness. It seemed as though the area I was in was an abyss. There was an incredible sense of open space surrounding me. My arms were outstretched, with my palms open and fingers separated, as though trying to grasp something. There was nothing to feel or touch. My feet were beneath me, afloat in the air. I rotated my head around, and as I looked my eyes tried to penetrate the darkness that surrounded me. I saw nothing. I had to ask myself, am I dreaming? Well, it certainly didn't feel as though I was. Normally, when I dream I'm quite aware I am doing so. In this experience it was as though I was actually at this place at this time, wherever I was. I continued to look about when suddenly in a distance I saw three spiritual demons drifting towards me. They seemed as white mist, such as a fog in the night.

Their features were evil, as that of dragons, or serpents. They had long teeth and eyes that glistened in the dark. It was as though you could see the depths of evil in their eyes. I stared intensely as the creatures drifted closer, and thought maybe this is a dream.

Then a loud thunderous voice sounded, “This is not a dream... if you do not fight, YOU WILL NOT WAKE UP!” Within no time the demons surrounded me. They circled around me in all directions waiting to attack their prey. My body then took a stance of defiance, as though preparing for battle, where I had to fight for my existence. My reward would be my life...theirs my soul.

At that moment there was no time for thoughts of fear, for evil feeds on fear. Just as quickly and swiftly as they had come, they suddenly attacked, twirling, swirling and darting in and out. It was as though I was fighting against mist in the air. But the evil in the air was vicious and real. It was a spiritual battle - my spirit against them. At approximately 3:55 A.M. my eyes suddenly opened. I kept stating over and over, “You have no authority over me ...,You have no authority over me...”

When I stopped speaking, I was lying on the right side of my body, which felt very stiff as though frozen; I couldn't move. I slowly began moving the fingers on my left hand, then the arm. I also felt my chest and leg, thinking to myself, “I am still here... I am still alive.” I then turned on the light and looked in the mirror. My eyes were wide and there was a look of shock on my face. I had perspiration and chills over my entire body. There also was a strong source of energy flowing through my body and a burning sensation through the center of my palms.

After escaping the spiritual attack, I began receiving mental attacks from demons, evil spirits, and Satan. The mental attacks were voices, visions, signs, etc. The only reason I survived the attacks was due to having a strong mind and being prepared by God and Christ earlier in my childhood, which carried on to my adulthood for what they had chosen me to accomplish. I always had searched to find the truth and answers for questions as a child. I was on a quest for seeking these answers, that no human could give me or reading at that time. Once I had found the truth I had not realized the depth in which I had gone until I was caught in the middle of a spiritual warfare, seeing what was on the other side where the invisible was made visible, which others read about and believe, but don't know. Once I had escaped the spiritual attack, Satan had to try to destroy me mentally. God, Christ and angels helped me survive those attacks.

The last test was a physical attack. Spiritual demons entered a friend to attack me. In the attack, they destroyed the left side of my face, but instantly God restored my face back to normal.

In November of 1990, after five intense months of these occurrences, I had accepted what was happening, but didn't understand “Why?” and “Why me?”

In summary, ever since my childhood I have been always in search of my purpose in life, the truth and who I am. I was almost in completion of my journey, (I had no idea how close I was to finding my answers) when I was tested spiritually, mentally and physically. I passed all three tests and was given the truths to my questions and most importantly found out who I am.

Now some people will say they understand or that they've had similar experiences. God and Christ revealed to me that no one has had similar experiences. They also stated that no one else would have survived the tests but myself. God and Christ had prepared me throughout my life for the final tests in seeking the truth (God). God and Christ have revealed to me that I am “The Last Chosen Prophet,” and that there is only one. If anyone else proclaims himself as a prophet, he is a liar. I live in two worlds at once. I can see and hear things that no one else can. I've also had a glimpse of what Heaven and Hell are like. God and Christ have proclaimed me The Last Chosen Prophet. I did not place this claim on myself.

I had begun telling a great deal of people the story and informed them to save their souls and let others know. They were astonished by the story. When I finished, I avoided letting them know that I am the Last Chosen Prophet. Then Father spoke to me and said, “Stop leaving them in question.”People were becoming inquisitive of me. What people thought of me was not my concern.

Father said, “Stand and let them know, I AM.” There are persons who declare themselves prophets or people who declare other prophets. They are sadly mistaken.

For those who declare themselves prophets, I ask,“Where are your credentials? You have none. Heed my warning and God's. Stop claiming yourselves to be something you are not. Stop now while you have a chance before death, for then you will see God face to face and explain, where there is no explanation.”

God and Christ speak to me right here and now; through signs, images, writings, voices, etc. There is no limit. At one time God sent a sign from above and said, “I AM your Father, no one has authority over you.” Christ also sent a sign stating, “I AM your Brother and I will be closely watching over you.” God also stated, “Fear no one, it doesn't matter where you are for I AM with you.”

I've also been told that I have been accepted into Heaven and have the best that there is, no one else can make that claim. I have the best of both worlds. Everyone will stand before Christ and His angels and will be judged for their works. I will not, God and Christ have given me the key to Heaven.

The other side, Satan, speaks to me also. He speaks just as I would converse with you. Satan is in every sense of the word Evil. Satan has stated that I'm Number One on his wanted list, which I see as a compliment. I escaped his grasp and am here to warn you. Satan also has said, “We're going to take as many lives as we can.”(“We” meaning astrologers, psychic readers, demons, evil spirits, mediums, satanists, witches, new age worshippers, and anyone who chooses to stay under the devil.)

When I first began speaking out to people about the story and the need to save their souls, many listened and were saved. Satan then said, “A little ain't enough...” and he was laughing. Christ stated I was doing fine and He informed me that Satan hates to lose one soul. Satan was only trying to discourage me from accomplishing my mission. God, Christ and all Heaven rejoice at one soul being saved. God and Christ wish no one to perish.

Satan threatens me all the time and does whatever he can to frighten, intimidate, confuse and distract me from completing my Father's Will that has been destined. Satan can't harm me because I'm protected by God and Christ.

In my search, I've gone full circle. I know who I am and what I am to accomplish in my Father's will. God and Christ advise and inform me on what to do. I am not speaking of what I sense and feel. Just as I'm speaking to you, They speak to me. You may say that's impossible or I'm confused. You may even say I'm a liar. That's fine because it doesn't matter what you think about me .... I'm nobody. It is written; to trust no man for man knows evil. So, I'm not asking you to believe or follow me. I also don't tell anyone what to do. You don't have to answer to me.

My life has gone through many changes since finding the truth. I'm not here to tell you that I know all; everybody's human and I still make mistakes, but I have taken much of the wrong in my life and tried to make it better. Now that I know the truth, I'm here to give it to you if you wish to receive it. (“Let those who have ears listen.”- Christ). If not, at least you can't say you didn't have a chance. Ignorance is no excuse.

My only message to you is to save your soul. God pleads for you to turn to him. You should read the Bible. The King James Version is the “Word of God.” There are other books that can help you. They are “The Book” by Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.; “The Revell Bible Dictionary” by Wynwood Press; “The Original African Heritage Study Bible, King James Version,”by The Reverend Cain Hope Felder, Ph.D. and “Life of Christ” by Fulton J. Sheen. (God had shown this book to me Himself in a vision.) These books are excellent reading materials. Too many people listen to what others say rather than finding out for themselves. I've met many people who change the truth to suit their purpose.

   “I'm already going home (Heaven), because God has told me. What I am telling you is not through reading The Bible, but directly from God Himself.”

It is written that those who believe and stay strong in faith will be rewarded greatly in Heaven. I know the truth because of knowing my responsibility is greater. God and Christ themselves speak to me this very day. They speak sometimes together and separately.

In my opinion not enough Christians (not everyone who calls himself a Christian is; you can tell a tree by its fruit) are informing people what is needed to be done to save their souls. No one ever told me. I'm here to let you know: confess your sins to God (No one is perfect, everyone has done wrong) and accept Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior (Savior- Save your soul from Satan- “Hell”). The choice is yours. All you have to do is speak to God yourself. You don't need anyone else.

    “Jesus lives forever and continues to be a priest, so that no one else is needed. He is able to save completely all who come to God through him.” - Isaiah

    “Come let's talk this over! says the Lord; no matter how deep the stain of your sins, I can take it out and make you as clean as freshly fallen snow. Even if you are stained as red as crimson, I can make you white as wool! If you will only let me help you, if you will only obey, then I will make you rich!” - Isaiah

Think: Question Everything