African American

For only if you could see, hear, feel and touch
From my eyes
By now you'd probably be on crack
Cracked right out of your mind
For that is just what they wanted, control
Control of the masses
The Black Race

Put them to sleep, so they can't think
One way or the other
Genocide, been doing it for years
It works one way or another

Who cares, no one
Not I killem' all
Murder them the more the better
Hated them from the beginning

God's people, Ha!
Chosen get outta here!
I hate you all
The words still the same
Just a different frame of mind

Ha! You've accomplished nothing
Actually you've gotten worse
Keep the movement
What movement
There is none
You're dying by the thousands, can't you see

Of course not you're too busy trying to please me
Fashion, Merchandise, Money
Are all my tools to rule over you
It works every time, old and young alike

I invented it, everything comes back to me
For I rule thee
Your mind, body and soul are all mine
Too bad you can't see me, which helps serve my purpose
But you do know me
You all do
You always did
But still I was able to control your minds

Be more concerned about the white man than me
He's never done anything and never will
Just the same, but make my claim to fame
For he doesn't know of me
And doesn't even believe I exist
Oh thee intellectuals, all the same
Tick Tock, Tick Tock
Time runs off the clock

Isn't it grand the howlings
And killings every night
That's what you wanted
That's what you have indeed

Oh the heat don't worry about it, it's always hot
More than you can bear
You thought it was hot there
You haven't experienced anything here

Torment..., Believe it, constant and forever
If only you could imagine
Then maybe you might change . . . your mind
But please don't
Because I need you
With me in suffering
Can't do it alone
And don't want to be alone
Your my friends
And I need my friends indeed
Black, white it's all the same here

Capital punishment, I love it, I love it
Bring them home to me
I'll show you what punishment is
For I created it
Murder, deceit, killings
More, more, more
Chain, chain, chain
Chain a fool

Race riots I started all that
And I'll never end it
It works for you, and it works for me
You're on top of nothing, I own you all
Who chose to be mine
Which are many unwilling but able

Fooled you, huh?
That's what I'm all about
Deception, deception of the masses
Those who do the same follow me in vain