America Your Time Has Come

Death awaits at your door and I AM knocking. You owe a debt you can never pay, America. You knew Me but I never knew you. Blood flooded the streets, screams unheard. My people cry no more. No more will you speak of "Glorious Days" this evil generation. Your weeping shall be forever, theirs for a moment. America your time has come.

Land of the free, you don't know what freedom is. I will crush your "Statue of Liberty," for only I give it. I alone am justice, and when I speak you will listen. Because I have listened enough of you and I have heard the cries of My people which whom you ignore. Peace, love, harmony and justice is what they ask and you give them murder, but you call it justice. Justice for your cause.

What is freedom? Souls you snuffed out like a candle light, which now suffer damnation because of your expedient cause to justice. Now you stand before Me in trial for you've shown no mercy neither will I give thee.

You call these people animals. You are the animals, and you shall die the worst way. Eternal damnation for all you have done to My people. They wanted freedom, you gave them Hell, now you have yours forever. Even though theirs was just momentarily before death.

Death do you know what death is? Death is eternal. Death is My sentence on you on judgement, not yours to silence My leaders. You killed them to silence the people, but no more your time has come. No more will you dominate My people with your intimidation, and brutalization and this you call justice. I am sick of your lies. No more loving your children while others suffer and then you go to church on Sunday. The year has arrived in 1959, and you shall know I am the Lord.