You Never Will

You never will
See the dawn of the day
See the spring of the night
What a surprise
You had My advice
You neglected to listen or do

You never will see
The spring of the day
What a shame
You had it your way
You never will survive
All has gone by
Now is the time

You never will understand why
So go now, it's over twice in a day
You were special once
But again goodbye
You were special then
But now it's gone
You say it's okay, but it isn't
Too bad you wanted it your way
Your way not Mine
From life to death

Farewell to all your friends and family
Which once were
Which are no more
Because you chose to have it your way

Love, I am love
I loved you once, but now no more
I knew you, but you never knew Me
So, farewell
I cried for you, but you laughed at Me
Me and My Son

So laugh no more
In the oblivion of souls
Which dwell forever
As none
None in time, none in space
None into existence