I will right your wrongs
But some of you will bear arms against Me
You bear arms against yourselves
For you fight against the wind and sea
I am the wind and sea
No one dominates Me
I dominate you, if I chose to
But I don't, I chose to give freedom over domination
Again freedom you wish not to receive
Freedom which is everlasting love

Love above all else
Love one another
But you wish to hate each other
And you call yourselves civilians
Citizens of the universe
What universe, yours?
You've created none
Yet you doubt Me
You doubt of My existence
You doubt even your own
I have no doubt at all
Of your condemnation of Hell
You have chosen
There is no freedom
Freedom in Hell?
Ha! Are you kidding Me?
Hell is for suffering not freedom
Only My children will taste freedom
Freedom which they so wish to have
I ordain thee
Because you are Mine, but a handful
All else, is gone
Gone to oblivion
Gone to waste

Acknowledgement of Me
You chose not
Acknowledge yourselves, you chose to
Superstars of no one
I know you not
Ego's abroad, self satisfaction
Hordes, whores, pimps, slay mongers,
Rapists, killers all shall perish
You are the sick ones
No mysteries

For you are damned
Your time is short
Their's everlasting
Joy, Happiness and Salvation
I love them and they love Me
We shall abide in happiness forever
Thanks, to Christ My Only Begotten Son
Whom you still mock to this day
Well your mockery has ended
Ended unto Hell where you will
Weep and gnash your teeth forever
Your time has come
And I've waited so long

Give it time, you say
He won't listen, He'll go away
But I did listen and I didn't go away
I hear My peoples' cries, mourns and pains
And I'll never go away
I'll never leave them
But you will perish in Hell
You've conquered and beaten them enough
Your time is over
I have finished My work
It is done in advance
A long time ago, from the beginning
The beginning was the end
I knew you, But you knew Me not
Now you are alone in darkness
For I am the light among My people
Who chose to reverence, obey and love Me
And they are the light
Of the world of darkness
But in Hell there is no light

For I am not there
But you shall be enslaved forever
Forever in Hell's domain
Turn while you can
Now, before you face the Wrath of God
None will survive
For I am King
And I sit on My throne
And do whatever becomes Me
And you shall listen then
Idiots your courts are a joke
I'll show you how it's done

Cause you chose not to listen
To what I say and do your own thing
When I placed you to rule
You rule not on My accord but your own
And they laugh
Laugh no more
For I will judge you
Judges, Judges, Judges
Judges of what?

Captivity and violence
Roam the streets
While you sleep so peacefully
Condemn the poor, free the rich
Is your law not Mine

Pleasure principle just don't get caught you say
Believe Me when I say
I watch your every move
And it sickens Me
You're all for show
Show them, but you won't show Me
For I know you, I made you
You may sing and dance with them
But you'll cry with Me
Thee condemned of My courts
Where truth and justice rules and domains
My people will jump for joy
And be of great chorus
When truth reigns over death
Reign with power
Aghast hope is here
And has conquered all their doubters
For I am hope to My people
Believers of My word
And proven unto Me
I love you so stay strong
And don't give up
The war is over and I have finished it
Just continue in your doings
For you have peace
Peace and unafraid of the wicked
Yes, I watch over you
In jealousy and tender mercy
For you are Mine and I yours.

For I rule forever and ever
Peace be unto you all
Laughter and jumping for joy
Will be all the same in the hereafter

I with you, you with Me, forever
Forever in the everlasting glow of love
Which I AM
So stay strong and keep up with the battle
For I am with you
No one shall conquer you
There is no defeat
Victory is yours

Amen, to those who know what it means.

Yours Truly,