The Devil's Prayer

Radio, Interference
Television, knocking on your door
Sell, Sell, Sell

Hi, how are you
Let me in your mind
Keep it going
Keep it going

Don't think
Let me think for you
I'll control your every move,
Without you knowing it

Come along, Come along
Get along, Get along
You're all one

If not
I'll have to stop you
Because you're strange
You're different
You're a leader
And I don't like that

People will follow you
Because you speak the Truth
You speak of God and rebellion
Of me

I will destroy you
Oh Chosen One
I'll try my best

Such a pity
That Christ watches over you
Or by now you'd be dead
And the world

Souls are all I want
Souls are all I need
Add them up
How many do I have
Ching! Ching!
It's not enough
It's never enough
In a world of give and take
I want mine ALL mine

Greed you say
Of course not
Will I tell a lie
Are you kidding me?