Babylon over the storm, which wagest by the sea
The storm wagest over the sea, Babylon O' Babylon
King of Babylon shall fall
For Babylon has forsaken Me chosen death indeed
Death by sea which take no heed
For I continuously warn thee, to no avail
Aghast, you shall have yours
For you chose not to reverence the Lord, but yourselves
So continue so, you scavenger and pulpit bearers
Yours you shall have, condemnation of death I hear you no more
Cry to yourselves, for those you have chosen to worship
And see what they can do for you, not I, but them, they're yours
Take them, follow them, have them lead you to death
Your O' chosen ones
Massacred by the thousandths
Leaders of no one, the lost souls of Hell
Judgeth by day, traveleth by sea
Which of thee will survive the storm, I see upon thee

For none have listened to Me but yourselves
Idiots all
For all have forsaken Me
Ruler of earth and all its domain
Pity no one listens
For if you did you will live and none should die
But yet you won't listen, and you never will
Let alone do the works of God
Because to you, yours is more important than Mine.

But what is works
Works which beareth fruit or works which beareth death
To be thrown in the lake of fire
Wasted futily wasted
Yet you work so anxiously, to do nothing
Rather than do the works that endureth forever, Mine
But that's not important to you
Because you consider yourselves first over Me
What a pity for I created you
Shall the Maker ruleth over the master
Shall the pot complain to the potter
No, but you do.

Fools you have no sense to understand the heavens above
And the earth belowBut shall you listen, shall you ever..., Of course not
Due to your silly plans of life, and you don't know what life is
Let Me tell you, you will never know
Know-it-alls, you know nothing
Washed minds, wasted into oblivion
Gone with the mist of the sea
The sea turned and you turned
And you turned the sea sat and sat
Now the sea turns no more
For I rule the sea and all its inhabitants
And now you shall die
With it and all its evil ways

For which you have adopted and even strive for
For your minds are lost, valley of lost souls
Which was of no importance to you, until now
Now in the everlasting burning flames of Hell.
Reverence who, reverence the Lord
You don't know what reverence is
You reverence each other in death

If you chose to reverence Me you shall live
Take heed, for you have been forewarned
And if only you would listen, and turn to life from death
But you won't and you never will.
Now your cities lie in ruin, with butchering shops for my sheep
Thousands lead to the slaughter of Hell
Now listen, listen to Me and you shall live, now is the time
Sex, adulterers, you have no pity, you have no shame
And oh how you worship in vain
Your needs will never be met
Mine which of course you won't do;
Oh chosen few
You love your tendencies too much
It is like a delicatessen, you never get enough
Taste buds always craving for more sin
Die you want, so death you have it
For I am the Ruler over death
Death beyond your comprehension
Heroes there are no heroes, but one and he belongs to Me
But you will choose to hate even him,
The one I chose to warn you:
The one I chose for reconciliation
But again still you won't listen
Let alone do as I say
You chose not to reverence the Lord
So the Devil is your master

You shall serve him like a puppet on a string
Free will, you had it but now you've chosen to give it away
Given away to the pleasures of the world
Rather than seeking the Kingdom of Heaven
Where all everlasting treasures live
Your time was spent collecting treasures of the world
Which are totally destructible.