I Alone Am King

I alone am King
I ruleth over the land, sea and universe
And everything in it
I control its elements
And keep them in balance
Everything stays in suspense at my command
Nothing disappears without my knowing of it
For I am God, God Almighty

Almighty over everything
As far as you can see or think
No mind can comprehend
Or see My existence
Yes, since the beginning of time
Time for Me, there is none
But yours is limited
Yet you question of My Existence

Question yours, not Mine
Your time has come
It is just about over
You've dominated long enough
I ruler over all
Will now dominate you
You will do as I say
No more, will you crush My people
Enough is enough

Gone at last from the face of the earth
No longer, shall you sicken Me
I've seen and heard enough
Enough of you and your vile things and statements
Statements of Christ my only Son

No more, you laugh
Laugh in hell forever, or will you
Your time has come
It is gone
Gone where everything will perish
Even your own soul
For you did not want life, so you have death
Death indeed

Be gone, By gone, It's over
Said and finished
My word is My word
Goodbye, farewell to you all
And your accomplishments

Nothing in despair of nothing
Wasted time
All gone away, to nowhere

Now can you see, can you hear?
What I'm telling you, what I'm saying to you
No, and you won't
Because you continuously refuse to listen
Listen to Me, not them
Those who chose to steal, lie and hate
But you trust them
And I am trust
But trust not Me, oh feeble minded beings
And I created you, what a waste of your time
And Mine
You could have done anything
But you chose not to

The stars the sky they're all Mine
Yet you think you own them
Need a license, Ha!
License to do what steal and kill
For that's all you do
That's all you're good for, sad but true
So have your own way
Oh worthless few, pity you
You dominate no more
Jimmy Crack Corn and I don't care
You sing no more, good night
I rule over night and day
I see you in the night as well as in the day
You can't hide from Me
You and your crimes of sin and passion
It's over, all over gone
You have been forewarned
By My Chosen One
But yet you still won't listen or obey
Obedience to Me or yourselves
Fear Me or yourselves

Hell, you laugh about it
As though it doesn't exist
But you won't when you're there
You'll cry then and I won't hear you
Not one word
You'll listen then to the cries and screams
Of pain and anguish you set upon yourselves
But then it will be too late
Though you cry so anxiously
It will be the end
But the beginning for those
Who listen and obey