So why are you trying to find out the future by consulting witches and mediums?  Don’t listen to their whisperings and mutterings.  Can the living find out the future from the dead?  Why not ask your God? Isaiah

Saul died for disobedience to the Lord and because he had consulted a medium, and did not ask the Lord for guidance.  So the Lord killed him and gave the kingdom to David, Son of Jesse. Chronicles

You have advisors by the ton - your astrologers and stargazers, who try to tell you what the future holds.  But they are useless as dried grass burning in the fire.  They cannot even deliver themselves!  You’ll get no help from them at all.  There’s no fire to sit beside to make you warm! Isaiah

No Israeli may practice black magic, or call evil spirits for aid, or be a fortuneteller, or be a serpent charmer, medium, or wizard, or call forth the spirits of the dead.  Anyone doing these things is an object of horror and disgust to the Lord. Deuteronomy

Son of dust, speak out against the women prophets too who pretend the Lord has given them His messages.  Tell them the Lord God says:  “Woe to these women who are damning the souls of My people, of both young and old alike, by tying magic charms on their wrists and furnishing them with magic veils and selling them indulgences.  They refuse to even offer help unless they get a profit from it. For the sake of a few paltry handfuls of barley, or a piece of bread will you turn away My people from Me?  You have led those to death who should not die! And you have promised life to those who should not live, by lying to My people and how they love it!”

And so the Lord says: “I will crush you because you hunt My people’s souls with your magic charms.  I will tear off the charms and set My people free like birds from cages.  I will tear off the magic veils and save My people from you; they will no longer be your victims, and you shall know I am the Lord.  Your lies have discouraged the righteous, when I didn’t want it so.  And you have encouraged the wicked by promising life, though they continue in their sins.  But you will lie no more; no longer will you talk of seeing ‘visions’ that you never saw, nor practice your magic, for I will deliver My people out of your hands by destroying you, and you shall know I am the Lord.” Ezekiel

Don’t let anyone lead you astray with empty philosophy and high-sounding nonsense that come from human thinking and from evil powers of this world, and not from Christ. Colossians

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  So do not be attracted by strange, new ideas. Hebrews